Recent work

There is plenty more, but these stand out at the moment to me personally

Augmented Pathfinding (working version)

Augmented Pathfinding (working version)

Augmented Kitchen

Augmented Kitchen

AR solution for WeWork and flexible work spaces

AR solution for WeWork  and flexible work spaces

This is the stuff I make

These are the things, the experiences, and the stuff that can move mountains... or just a single explorer

UX Design



Service Design

Artificial Intelligence

TV | Video

And the way I make stuff

These are the not-so-secret sauce, mumbo-jumbo methods and approaches that I rely on


Human-Centered Design

Design Thinking



I have a passion for ideas, communication, emerging tech, and behavioral economics.

They all tie into what our world is becoming. We, the human-centered designers, are the ones responsible for ushering in the new, being thoughtful and protective of the opportunities and the community.

Let’s make the world a better place through ideation, craft and critical thinking.