Recent work

There is plenty more, but these stand out at the moment to me personally

Augmented Pathfinding (working version)

Augmented Pathfinding (working version)

Service Design / UX Methods & Artifacts

Service Design / UX Methods & Artifacts

This is the stuff I make

These are the things, the experiences, and the stuff that can move mountains... or just a single explorer

UX Design



Service Design

Artificial Intelligence

TV | Video

And the way I make stuff

These are the not-so-secret sauce, mumbo-jumbo methods and approaches that I rely on


Human-Centered Design

Design Thinking



I have a passion for ideas, communication, emerging tech, and behavioral economics.

They all tie into what our world is becoming. We, the human-centered designers, are the ones responsible for ushering in the new, being thoughtful and protective of the opportunities and the community.

Let’s make the world a better place through ideation, craft and critical thinking.