AR | VR Room & Client Tours

This Lab was my baby since I personally spearheaded the entire project from start to finish.

Client presentations prior to having a dedicated space proved that we needed a way for everyone to be in the experience since watching someone else walk around in a headset wasn't "sharing" the moment effectively.

My sketches and mock-ups helped Accenture see that three floor-to-ceiling walls could recreate what a viewer sees inside the headset. We partnered with NextNow and they did the entire build-out.

At Accenture's Chicago HUB, I exclusively do all the client tours of the Extended Reality Lab. A couple of times a week, you'll find me evangelizing and demonstrate to C-Suite clients the possibilities and wonder of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities can do for their business.

The images here include the ideation, the build, the branding, and the educational aspects of what we created in this room.