Augmented Kitchen Helper

Sign up for this Meal Plan in a box and the AR app will make you look like a Pro!

The Meal Plan idea is taken to the next level with the AR Kitchen Helper.  At the base level, any wannabe chef or regular Joe, without much time on their hands, can sign-up, answer a few questions about the types of foods they like, any diet or health goals, and be served up a menu, or quick select meal plans. When every box shows up, there is a simple scannable QR code that make every prep step as simple as 1,2,3.  Open the contents and spread them out on the prep sheet.  Then the AR app brings the cooking process to life in realtime.  See overlays of each item, and the order to drop them in the pan.  Snap a timer, or integrate with Alexa, and the clock starts serving up tips on cook time, color indicators, and alerts on when to turn over the meat. When that's all done, there are AR prep tips and videos that let you plate your meal beautifully.

Bon Appétit from the folks at Tyson.