I like to share my ideas and learn from others

Accenture & Fjord have a grand stage and I have taken advantage of every opportunity to share my passions. I have been the main speaker, the panelist, the organizer and thought leader on multiple occasions. We put together office-wide gatherings, client safaris, guest visits and bring-your-kids-to-work days. I’ve even taken the show on the road at several conferences.

I have a passion for all things emerging tech and behavioral economics. They all tie into what our world is becoming. We, the Human-Centered designers, are the ones responsible for ushering in the new, being thoughtful and protective of the opportunities and the community. My topics cover the Implications of Autonomous Vehicles, The Power of Nudge Theory and Gender Equality, Voice Control and Invisible UI, and, of course, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

This is the stuff I love because it feels so limitless, intuitive and near.

As part of my quest to always keep learning and improving, I craft my presentation skills at my local Toastmaster's group, where I also serve an officer role on the Board.